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Paludal Depths

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Difficulty: Level 120
Outdoor: No
Locked: No
Trash Level: Level 118-121
Named Level: Level 125

Connected Zones:
Shadeweaver's Tangle
Ruins of Shadow Haven

The recondite bandits who used to call this cave their home have not left the caves and found a new way to make money. Bellweather, the newest leader of the bandits, has started using more aggressive means, but that hasn't all been well received amongst the bandits. She will have to work extra hard to prove herself. Meanwhile, the miners who have been digging in this cave have had a change in their plans. They were blessed by Brell with the discovery of another cave system, but it has come at a huge cost to them. Finally, the Reichicyben has grown to a terrifying degree. Can its infestation be stopped? Can it even be hurt?

Paludal Depths Zone Overview By: Riou On: November 20, 2022, 11:57:19 PM

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