Night of Shadows is EverQuest's 29th Expansion!

Major highlights include:

  • 7 new Zones to Explore
  • New Spells, AA's, Gear and Tradeskill Recipes
  • Feature Tradeskill Depot - This depot is shared among your characters on the same account and server, like a shared bank. Each of these slots ignores the standard stack sizes and can hold significantly more of each item. Additionally, you can utilize these items anywhere in the world when crafting.

Things you should know going into the Night of Shadows:

The entry zone to the Night of Shadows is Firefall Pass. You can get here from Umbral Plains in the Terror of Luclin Expansion. There are also Ports to Ruins of Shadow Haven.

The Zones Deepshade and Darklight Caverns are locked behind When One Door Closes. This mission is needed to open the Door to get into Deepshade to continue on, when the Server wins the Raid it will be permanently opened. Further, the Deepshade Partisans are Required by anyone on the Server to Talk to the Spirit next to the Darklight Caverns Zone Line to remove the Rocks. Then you can Zone In to Darklight Caverns.

Have fun in the Night of Shadows!